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Battleborn is a first person shooting game inspired by the universe of Borderlands 2. After a mysterious event that destroyed most of the planets and stars in the universe, you will find yourself on one of the last known remaining planet under the name Solus. On your arrival at Solus, fighters represented several factions. They united and corporatewith each and send their best fighters (labelled Battleborn) to fight Varelsi which is the origin of the castastrophe. show more

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Game description

Battleborn offers a palette of 25 different characters with have differents weapons and skills. Among those characters, you can find some characters focus on melee, ranged attack, or supports.

Several game modes are on offer, you will be propelled into a flippy campaign solo or with others players, or if your competitive spirit surfaced, you can compete against others players in dynamic multiplayers matches up until a total of 10 players divided into 2 teams. In multiplayer mode, you can play in 3 differents modes:

Incursion: In the spirit of a towerdefense, you must defend your base against waves of sbires controlled by an AI, while boosting your little sbires for them to go to their turn destroy the enemy base.

Destruction: Two teams compete in a fight without mercy. To win this battle you must capture and defend objectives on the map.

Fusion: Two teams are figthing in an orginal game mode, where you must assite your minions so they jump into a hole in the center of the map, every minions who will deid wiil earn points to your team.

During your party, your mission will be to upgrade your Battleborn earning levels, which give you access to new skills. Also during all your games you will earn experience that will have a direct impact on the evolution of your character and your rank of command.
The ranks of your characters will go to level 10 which will offer you more choices on the evolution of your characters in the party, and also give you the opportunity to change your appearance. The rank of commendement have no impact on the game itself, you can unlock badges and titles to languish jealous friends.

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