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In this new installment, Tomb Raider propels you in a snowy world in the footsteps of the father of Lara Croft. Your mission will be to complete the quest that the father of the heroine had proceeded until he perish show more

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Game description

Rise of the Tomb Raider immerses you in a snowy world, with the aim of discovering the secrets of immortality. You will embody the famous Lara Croft in order to restore the honor of his father who died during his journey in search of the divine source. Your mission will be to recover this source. But your journey will not be easy, since you're not alone in coveting this source. An organization also wants to get this item, and its members will not hesitate to kill you later try to get their way.

This game has won the Best Screenplay by the Writers Guild of America union in 2016.

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