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Dark Souls 3 was elected best RPG at gamescom 2015. You will be propelled into a world devastated and filled with huge adevrsaires that you will face. Your adventure will not be easy in this new album. show more

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Game description

Namco Bandai unveils new installment in the series Dark Souls. You will retrouverz the dark atmosphere that already existed in previous series of shutters. YOu can choose between 12 different characters well each other to dive into this adventure. In the latter, you will have the ability to upgrade your character by adapting it to your jeuv style. During your journey, you will have many bosses to face, before which he faudrat prepare you to get to the vaincres.

During your adventure, you will have the opportunity to find new objects that will be upgradable and will directly impact your combat skills. You can also unlock new skills.

Join your friends for epic battles, or invade the world with other players to destroy them.

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