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The year 2074 gave way to a war and global crisis world. That's when the heroes from different worlds come together to bring peace and tranquility. show more

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xbox one 33.45
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Origins Edition
xbox one 109.99
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Game description

In these challenging, adventurous, engineers, scientists, soldiers ... Forment various heroes available in this pane. This part of Blizzard offers us intense battles in 6 v 6. Each hero has different abilities and also a role in the team that will vary. You will have to, compose a diverse team, and varied roles to dominate your opponents and achieve the various objectives proposed.

The origins edition:
- 5 skins Origins
- Digital goodies

Collector's Edition:
- Origins Game version
- Statue of Soldier 76 (approx 28 cm.)
- Housing of DVD Steelbook
- Book Illustrations
- Soundtrack of Overwatch

Also, if you précommendez the game, the black skin Fatale is offered

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