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World of Warcraft Legion is the new extension of the biggest MMORPG. It aims to renew the content of the game, introducing a new class, new dungeons and raids, and many other novelties. show more

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Game description

In this new extension of the most famous MMORPG, World of Warcraft Legion leads you to explore the Broken Islands to recover ancient relics of the Titans and Legion fight to save Azeroth. Blizzard offers you the opportunity to play a new class: demon hunters. This new class will bring renewal to the gameplay, with a dinamyque gameplay, a Shapeshifter system allowing you to adopt forms of "corrupt." You can embody the Illidari a form-based damage and a demonic form focused on defense. The demon hunters are equipped with an improved vision, even allowing them to detect hidden enemies behind obstacles. Also this class has increased mobility with a double jump, and the ability to deploy tériffiantes wings to surprise your opponents by air.

In this expansion, several new legendary weapons will make their appearances:
- The ash door (paladin sword two hands)
- The mouth of the damned (ax knight two hands of death)
- Frissébène (mage baton)
- Sheilun (monk's baton)
- Thas'Dorah (Hunter arc).

This extension will improve the content of the games, by offering new dungeons and raid, increasing the level cap to 110, new World Boss, an overhaul of the PvP system.

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