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TrackMania Turbo is a multiplayer oriented arcade racing game. You will end up driving your vehicle to break records different circuits available. show more

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Game description

In this latest installment of the famous series, you will end up in cars wheel to try to break records in more crazy and zany circuits each other. Each tour is unique, each curve is unique, faudrat you so well you impreigner specificities of each of the circuits in order to achieve the best time possible, and to set the best drivers in the world.

TrackMania Turbo incorporates several new modes (dual driver, slipt screen, Hot Seat), and offers a total of over 200 channels besides the amazing creations of other players.

This title also offers 4 different gameplays that correspond to different environments:
- International Stadium: you have to show your best to control the circuits of international competition
- Valley Down & Dirty: find yourself in the countryside to face dust and different jumps
- Rollercoaster Lagoon confront you with the gravity of the magnetic circuits for a better grip
- Grand Canyon Drift: imagine yourself in the Grand Canyon spirited drifter

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