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Dark Souls 3 plunges you into a ruined world where you will be faced with collossaux opponents who will give you cold sweats throughout your adventure. Winner of the gamescom Award 2015 in the category Best RPG. show more

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Steam 41.49
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Steam 72.24
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Game description

Dark Souls 3 is the sequel to the great RPG series. Throughout your adventure you will be immersed dnas a gloomy climate as the series used to offer. Choose among 12 distinct characters, in your evolution, you can customize your character to your playing style. This title offers a dozen different bosses all, think your fighting techniques before you face them.

Throughout your journey, you can retrieve various objects that will be upgradeable and will boost your abilities, they also allow you to bring you new skills as the care ...

Join your friends for epic battles, or invade the world with other players to destroy them.

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