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The earth has been invaded by aliens following their previous defeat. XCOM must be rebuilt in order to defend the planet and to regain control. show more

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PC (Steam) 15.49
Steam 17.7
Steam 19.49
Steam 25.39
Steam 25.39
Steam 25.39
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A-Z Game Shop
Steam 25.39
Steam 26
Steam 30.63
Steam 39.99
Steam 48.74
Deluxe Edition
Steam 64.99
Deluxe Edition

Game description

After that humanity has lost the war that opposed the aliens. These were installed on the blue planet and have set up a new order. Aliens build beautiful cities for people, promising them great things. But all this is only a mask under their true intensions, all people without bending their rules are being killed.

At the border to the world, the aliens have less influence on the people. It is in these places as groups of men gather, in order to fight against the invasion and restore to men that their belong.

The deluxe edition includes:
- Pack "reinforcements"
- Digital version tape

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