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Tom Clancy's The Division is an online action game where the player is immersed in a society devastated by a pandemic. It takes place in a struggle against the collapse of society, and should make tactical decisions in a dynamic environment. show more

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Game description

Tom Clancy's The Division video game test online action. The player is propelled into a world devastated by an epidemic caused by banknotes.
It is the day of Black Friday this epidemic is declared. Very quickly, the city of New York will be cut from its food and will thus plunge into chaos. It was then that the active state a directive which aims to activate a network of sleeper agents (division). This is a group of agents have been trained to save the company.
So you play as one of its secret agents, aiming to retake the city of New York by tracking the virus and discover the source.

During your mission you can customize your hero, whether its weapons, its features or equipment. Your choices will be significant, choose skills that will complement those of your teammates to adapt to all situations.

If small groups of bandits are not enough to distract you, or you covet equipment even better, then a battle zone Multiplayer will be present. In this area of epic equipment that has been abandon following a hasty military evacuation are to recover, but the task will not be easy. You will work with other agents to achieve yout mission. Many agents seeking such equipment! Betrayal, fear, tension will be there!

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