LDLC announced the end of White & Blue

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LDLC White & Blue
It's official, the team LDLC announced the end of its two teams eSports White & Blue who moved the game CS:GO. To recall last November, the player Younes had replaced mAdc within the blue team. The adventure of these two teams stop today after the Devil in EnvyUS and Boddy at G2.Esports.

This is a black day for the French scene has lost one of its largest structures on the game CS:GO. This year had been rather good for both teams who rafllées many victories:

LDLC White 2015-2016

1st place: 18 Main ESEA Europe Division
1st place: Underdogs Season 1
1st place: Evry City Games
1st place: Assembly Winter 2016
2nd place: Gamers Assembly 2015
2nd place: ESWC 2015
2nd place: Hitbox Arena Showdown Invitational

Blue LDLC 2015-2016

1st place: ESWC 2015
1st place: Underdogs Season 2
1st place: 12 Epsilan
2nd place: Underdogs Season 1
2nd place: Gamers Assembly 2016
3rd place: Assembly Winter 2016

This announcement has been made directly by the manager of the Blues, Gregory "Geekory" CABOCHE:

13 Months ... .. It's not with sadness that I write these words to the contrary. The adventure was to end, it was inevitable. It was only a matter of time. This adventure with Team LDLC-thus ends today. On behalf of my team I wish firstly to thank the staff for their confidence but their patience (times were complicated and delicate). Thank you to Stephan, Antho and MoMaN but also to those working in the shadows: Mimmou, Jothy, Pata well Valere and BEST - KaO. Team-LDLC that gave us priceless! (For the rest there mastercard ^^). The chance to work alongside such an important structure was a rewarding experience.In a second time, I thank the people who supported us even in difficult times. Thank you to the players with whom I have had an amazing time. I will never forget our first event inter Finland and what of our greatest victory: the PGW.Et do not worry, despite age (very) advanced HEDM (Dewid) none of them does has decided to retire. I wish them good luck with their new fellow traveler. As the saying Grand Geekory (a super nice guy): "All roads lead to Tours."

Good luck to all the players for the rest of their careers which will quickly find a new structure.

Source: LDLC