April - Free games with gold

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For the month of April, Microsoft offers 5 free games. Both are available for the first half of the month while 3 others will be available for the second half of the month.

Lords of the Fallen (RPG)
Available from 15/03 au 16/04

In this game of action - RPG, you play as a former great criminal seeking redemption. You will have to face the gods who seek to terrorize the world.

Dead Space (Science-fiction - Horror)
Available from 01/04 au 15/04

You play an engineer who is stuck in a spaceship filled with mutants that infect humans present. During pérrible is terrifying you will have to find the exit, fighting these mutants.

Wolf amoung us (Thriller)
Available from 01/04 au 30/04

You play as a former big bad wolf became sheriff of New York refugees. You will need to protect refugees and resolve threats uen case of sordid murder.

Saints row IV (Action)
Available from 16/04 au 30/04

In an open world, you play as the president of the united states to fight an alien invasion. You can count on your powers, your wacky weapons that each other and your dream team.

Sunset overdrive (Apocalypse)
Available from 16/04 au 15/05

In a post-apocalyptic cartoon universe, you have to defend your city overrun with mutants.