Microsoft announces the cross-network

cross-network, Microsoft

Microsoft cross-platform

Microsoft is a giant step in the videogame world by announcing the cross-network. So no more contrary platform. The goal is to bring together the three large Network (Xbox Live, PC and Psn) so you can play with your friends without worrying about the platform on which you are playing. At the moment the cross-network that will be present for Xbox Live and PC, that Microsoft invited Sony to do the same in order to unite all these platforms.

In a statement, Microsoft said that it will be the developer to implement or not this feature. We must therefore hope that the developers of the biggest components are in the same spirit as the historical computer giant. As expected Rocket League first unlock this feature, so you can play between PC and Xbox Live without barrier. Microsoft does not forget the purists, giving them the option to choose which they want to evolve Network (Xbox Live only, or cross-network).