May - Free Games Playstation Network

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In May, Sony offers 5 free games for PlayStation Network subscribers (on PS3 and PS4), and 2 other games available on PS Vita.

Tropico 5 (PS4 - Gestion)

An island that sees its growth provided by its banana production needs a new leadership. Your role will be to find the right policy to ensure the development of your republic and to ensure prosperity.

Table Top Racing: World Tour (PS4 - Courses)

You can choose among the 12 miniature cars completely customizable to concourrir on one of the 20 circuits. Use weapons and improvements to eliminate your opponents and win the championship.

Switch Galaxy Ultra (PS4 / PS VITA- Courses)

Driving a spaceship, you will aim to finish the circuit, as swiftly as possible. Boosts will be present to help you.

Bionic Commando® Rearmed 2 (PS3 - Action)

In this sequel, you play as the charismatic mustachioed Nathan. You'll have to infiltrate an island, and there overthrow the dictatorship in place. To complete this mission you will have available ionic your arm.

LocoRoco™ Cocoreccho! (PS3 - Réflexion)

In this game, you play as a butterfly, you will aim to find the LocoRoco and the mettres to shelters before the chief villain of the Moja finds and eat them.

God of War®: Ghost of Sparta (PS Vita - Shoot 'em up)

In this sequel, you'll embody Kratos comes to usurp the rand god of war to its former owner namely Ares.