April - Free Games Playstation Network

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In April, Sony offers 4 free games for PlayStation Network subscribers (on PS3 and PS4), and 2 other games available on PS Vita.

Dead Star (PS4 - Action)

Powered in an intergalactic universe. Multiplayer games are in a system of 10 against 10, you will have several ships to deal with your enemies.

Zombi (PS4 - Action)

In contaminated London, you're one of the few survivors of contamination that turns humans into zombie. Once your character is transformed into a zombie, then you play as a human other. You can cross the streets transformed your old characters.

I am alive (PS3 - Survival)

In a post-apocalyptic world in Chicago, you'll play as a surviant a natural castatrophe or a mysterious attack. So you will have oversteer in this world near the movie "I Am Legend".

Savage Moon (PS3 - Stratégie)

In every levels, giant insects attack of mining installations. Your own to protect these amenities against monstrous insects.

A virus named Tom (PS Vita - Puzzle)

Solve complex puzzles as each other Afins boarding levels and therefore in difficulty.

ShutShimi (PS Vita - Shoot 'em up)

You'll play as a fish in a short memory. You will possibiloté to defeat the enemies waves or sneak through. Arm your gun and your pumps various ammunition, you will not struggle to defeat your enemies.